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Mujhe bewafa se dil laganay k shoq tha…..

Mujhe mitti k ghar bananay ka shoq tha,
Usay Aashianay giranay ka shoq tha,

Main khud se rooth jata hon aksar is liye,
Mujhe roothay huye log mananay ka shoq tha,

Usay wadon ki paasdari pasand na thi,
Lekin mujhe Ahad nibhany ka shoq tha,

Main masroof tha tanhaiyon ki talash main,
Usay logon se milny milanay ka shoq tha,

Woh bewafa tha is main Hairat ki baat kya?
Mujhe bewafa se dil laganay k shoq tha…..


The fone bill was unexpectdly high…

Man called family meeting one saturday to discuss.
Dad said-this is unacceptable i dont use this fone,
i only use my work fone..

Mum said-Me too,
I hardly ever use this fone..

Son said-I use my office mobile,
I never use the home fone..

All of them are shocked and
together look at the maid,
Who is patiently listening to them…

Maid said-What?
So we all use our work fones…

Vitamns for grandson

Beppo singh needs vitamins for grandson.
Beppo Singh: I’d like some vitamins for my grandson.

Clerk: Sir which one, vitamin A, B or C?

Beppo Singh: Any will do, my grandson doesn’t know the alphabet yet!

Dosti naam hai…

Dosti naam hai saath daine ka,
Dosti naam hai insaniat ka,
Dosti naam hai qhuloos ka,
Dosti naam hai khushiyan daine ka,
Dosti naam hai dil mai utarne ka,
Dosti naam hai doost ki burai dafan karne ka,
Dosti naam hai apnaiyat ka,
Dosti naam hai bharoose ka,
Hai woh shakash bohat anmol,
Joo sachhee dosti ke mazbut,
Bandhan mein bandha hua hai.