Love SMS Messages Collection


Love SMS

This is how I feel

There is darkness everywhere I go,
Despite the sun shining bright,
Everything seems cheerless,
Despite the colorful flowers every single sight,
I have almost everything,
Yet I have nothing to live by,
Love, this is how I feel,
When U r not by my side.

Like to spend time with you…

What a grand thing to be loved!
What a grander thing still,to love!

Like to spend time with you
I am completely in love with you

You mean a lot to me

I wish you the very best with a
year full of happiness
and hope love,joy,peace
May follow on every day the whole
New year through…


Love is for life

Love is for life,
Life is not for love,
Lover may fail in life,
Life should never fail in love,
So don’t spoil life in love,
But don’t forget to love in life.

Nazron se batana mujh ko

Baat karne mein jo mushkil ho tumhe mehfil mein
Main samajh jaoonga nazron se batana mujh ko
Vada utnaa hi karo jitna nibha sakte ho
Khwaab pura jo na ho woh na dikhana mujh ko
Apne rishte ki nazaakat ka bharam rakh lena
Main to aashiq hoon dewaana na bana mujh ko…

How much u still mean to me

When i’ll not be here, vn i’ll be gone, vn i’ll be dead!

Oh my dear! jst past my grave, shed no tears, jst put sum wild flowers beside me, jst sit beside me for a few moments, cheer me up, remember the time vn v were together, vn v were frends, listen 2 my quite reply, enjoy doze moments vd me, try 2 understand the unsed vrdz & consider HOW MUCH U STILL MEAN 2 ME!