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FREE Love SMS Messages Collection contains best sms messages love , love text messages , sms love poems , love texts , short love sms and so onI Finally got my past, Present and FUTURE tenses CORRECT today '' I   LOVED    YOU'' ''i   love   you'' I will love you forever:)


Whenever I feel lonely

Whenever I feel sad,
Whenever I feel lonely,
Whenever I miss you a lot,
Whenever I feel like meeting you,
I just keep my right hand on my chest,
To realize that…
You Live In My Heart

Mohabbat aur Husn

Kehte hain 1000 saal pehle

Husn aur Mohabbat aapas mein dost thay.

Ek raat dono saath bethe thai k itne mein chaand nikl aaya.

Mohabbat ne chaand ki tareef kardi.

Yeh baat Husn ko nagawaar guzri.

Uss ne Mohabbat ki aankhen noch lein.

Bas uss din se Mohabbat andhi aur Husn zaalim hogaya hai.

i love you my sweet heart

I ‘ll always love u Vano & don’t think that I’ll forget u
if u thought that u’ll be so wrong
i love u & i miss u always
Be Sure that there are 3 people care you :
ME,,,I ,,and myself
I love you my sweet heart

1st time I saw U

1st time I saw U, I was scared 2 touch U.
1st time I touched U, I was scared 2 kiss U.
1st time I kiss U, I was scared to luv U.
But now that I luv U, I’m scared 2 lose U.