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I Finally got my past, Present and FUTURE tenses CORRECT today '' I   LOVED    YOU'' ''i   love   you'' I will love you forever:)FREE Love SMS Messages Collection contains best sms messages love , love text messages , sms love poems , love texts , short love sms and so on

I Like Everyone..

I Like Everyone..
But I Love Only one
I Live For Everyone..
But I Breathe For only one
I Talk To Everyone..
But I Share everything To only one
I Smile With Everyone..
But Smile Is for only one
I Am For Everyone..
But I Belong To only one
And that ‘ONE’ is only “YOU” ♥


This is how I feel

There is darkness everywhere I go,
Despite the sun shining bright,
Everything seems cheerless,
Despite the colorful flowers every single sight,
I have almost everything,
Yet I have nothing to live by,
Love, this is how I feel,
When U r not by my side.

1000 ways

1000 words I could say,
1000 wishes I could pray,
1000 miles legs could walk,
1000 sounds a mouth could talk,
1000 times i’ll b true,
1000 ways 2 say i luv u!

I think of u

In da mornin I don’t eat coz I think of u,
at noon I don’t eat coz I think of u,
in da evenin I don’t eat coz I think of u,
at night I don’t sleep coz I’m hungry.