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FREE Love SMS Messages Collection contains best sms messages love , love text messages , sms love poems , love texts , short love sms and so onI Finally got my past, Present and FUTURE tenses CORRECT today '' I   LOVED    YOU'' ''i   love   you'' I will love you forever:)

when you feel cold

When You Feel Cold And Warm At The Same Time,

When You Read Over The Same Line For The Tenth Time,

When Your Heart And Thoughts Some How Appear To Rhyme,

And When A Simple Name Conquers Your Whole Mind


Please remind me

Please remind me 2 remind U,
About reminding me to send U,
This reminder that reminds me of reminding U,
That U never have to remind me 2 remember U,
I Always Do!
Luv U alot

In my heart

In my heart our luv is heard like a ring tone.
In my ears Ur speech is heard like voice mail.
But when I called for response
Subscriber can’t reach at the moment.