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FREE Love SMS Messages Collection contains best sms messages love , love text messages , sms love poems , love texts , short love sms and so onI Finally got my past, Present and FUTURE tenses CORRECT today '' I   LOVED    YOU'' ''i   love   you'' I will love you forever:)

Best moments of life

Best moments of life :

1. To fall in luv :)
2. To clear ur last Exam :P
3. To wake up n realize its still possible 2 sleep :D
4. To get a phone cal saying class is canceled :O
5. To feel butterflies every time you see DAT PERSON :*
6. To see an old friend again n to feel that things have not changed
7. To touch the fingers of newly born child
8. Speaking to an old friend on Sunday evening
9. Waiting 4 a cal or message from your loved one wen u r alone
10. Walking alone on a silent road at night n listening to your fav songs
11. Riding d bike on a highway while its raining
12. Speaking To the special one on phone while standing in front of the mirror


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Sukha shanti ko sadhai baas hos

Bhimsen ko shakti
Meerabai Ko Bhakti
Dr.Abdul Kalaam Ko Gyan
Mr.Bush ko jasto Shaan
Einstein Ko Buddhi
Nobel Prize Ko Siddhi
Bill gates Ko Sampatti
Dukha bata sadhai Mukti
Mercedez Ko Car
Diamonds Ko Haar
Microsoft Ko Share
Pasia Ko Dher
John Abhraham Ko Style
Aishwarya Ko Smile
Amitabh Ko Personality
David Becham Ko Popularity
Worldtour Ko Ticket
Tendulkar Ko Wicket
Bhagat Singh Ko Deshprem
Tapaiko Sweetheart Ko Amarprem
Dherai bhanda dherai maanche haru ko saath hos
Ghar ma sukha shanti ko sadhai baas hos.

MAA DURGA BHAGAWANI le sadai hamro kalyan garun