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Huzoor (Alehis Salam) apni viladat ki khushi me…

Huzoor (Alehis Salam) apni viladat ki khushi me youme viladat wale din yani her Peer ko roza rakhte or farmate k me ALLAH ka shukr ada kerne ke liay har Peer ke din Roza rakhta hun. 

Hum bhi is khushi me shamil ho sakte hen wo is tarha ke ayenda hamesha namazon ki Pabandi kerne ki Pakki niyat ker len or kal ka roza rakh len or is ka gift aap alehis salam ko bhej den…

How many times anyone went to confess before? Some may

How many times anyone went to confess before? Some may have been a long time ago! None of us is perfect & we have all done some things that not all of us are proud of and what makes it worse is that people will never confess to it. This lack of an ability to confess could lead to a large amount of stress from the human conscious not willing to accept the fact that the human being was capable of doing such deeds. On 19th February, World is going to celebrate confess day so that everyone confess his mistakes before the one from anybody gets hurt and this is just celebrated with much less solidarity and with a pinch of sugar to it all.

4 facts…

4 facts
1 mammay aur jazbat jitne dabao utne ubhrte hain
2 snake aur pudi jahan deko mar do.
3 doodh aur gand phtne ki awaz nahin ati
4 pani aur lun apna rasita khud bana laite hain