VALENTINE's DAY SMS (14 Feb) Messages Collection


VALENTINE’s DAY SMS messages (14 Feb)

Roses are red, violets are blue

Roses are red, violets are blue
My heart is pure and so is my love for you too
Love so steady, love so fine
Be my valentine and I will be thine
If we love each other rain or shine,
We will be rocking hand-in-hand at a hundred and ninety nine
I know I love you, but I realized I love you more than I think I do
Most people prefer chocolates on this day, but as for me I prefer you…
Happy Valentines Day My Love

I have been wating for this day for so

Hi dear
I have been wating for this day for so long and now here it is
I am sorry for I don’t have anything to give you on this beautiful day ….i called you up here to tell you how I feel for u and how much I love you.
if u accept my love I would definately give u a hug full of love…u told me that this is your first love rite
I swer if u accept me our love will be the most memorable ever…
I love you <3
will you be my valintine…