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respect for WOMAN

Boy: Boys are stronger then girls…
Girl: Oh yeah!!! Please.,
can you carry a 7 pound baby in your stomach for 9 months?

Can you cook, clean and talk on the phone at the same time?

Can you burn your forehead with a curling iron and not complain?

Can you walk all day in 5 inch heels?

Can you cry all night then wake up the next morning like everything is okay??

Remember guys, woman are only helpless until their nail polish dries :)

LIKE this if YOU are proud of being a WOMAN :)
LIKE this if YOU are GUY and respect for WOMAN :)
whats ur mind about WOMAN??


7 cardinal rules of life:

7 cardinal rules of life:
1. Make peace with ur past so it wont screw up the present.


2. What other people think of u is none of ur bussines.


3. Time heals almost everything, give time.


4. No1 is reason of ur happines except u.


5. Don’t compare ur life to others & dont judge them. u hav no idea what their journey is all about..


6. Stop thinkng too much, its alrite not to know the answerS..Dey wil c0me to u when u least expect it.


7. Smile. U dont own all the problems in the world….