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Penny in a minute

A man was taking it easy, laying on the grass and looking up at the clouds. He was identifying shapes when he decided to talk to god.
“God”, he said, “how long is a million years?”
God answered, “in my frame of reference, it’s about a minute.”
The man asked, “god, how much is a million dollars?”
God answered, “to me, it’s a penny.”
The man then asked, “god, can i have a penny?”
God answered, “in a minute.”

Find A Chick Whose Father Is Rich

A Young Man Asked A Rich Old Man:
How He Made His Money ?

The Old Guy Said:
Son, It was 1932,
The depth of the Great Depression
I Was Down To My Last Nickel
I Invested That In An Apple And Spent
The Entire Day Polishing It;
& At The End Of The Day,
I Sold The Apple For 10 Cents..!

The Nxt Day ,I Invested Those 10 Cents In 2 Apples.
I Spent The Entire Day Polishing Them;
& Sold Them For 20 Cents, I Continued This 4 A Month,
By The End Of Which I Had Accumulated A Fortune Of $.1.37,
Then My Wife’s Father Died & Left Us 2 Million Dollars..! :(

Hard Work Is Just Shit..:O
Find A Chick Whose Father Is Rich, =P :D