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Na mila kro Sar-e-Sham Mjhy.

Na mila kro Sar-e-Sham Mjhy.

Main Tanha Tanha hi thek hon.

Mjhe Chahton se lgta hai Dar.

Main Nafraton me hi thek hon.

Mjhe Raaston me chor do.

mjhe justju-e-mnzil nhi.

Na Dikhao mjhko Rasta.

Main bhatka howa hi thek hon.

Mere Dosto mjhe chor do.

Na Suljhao meri Uljhane.

Mjhe Adavten hi Psand hain.

Main Dushmno me hi thek hon.

Mjhe Khushi ki koi Talab nhi.

Mjhe apna Ghum b Nawaz do.

Mjhe Aansu pina psand hai.

Main Ansuon me hi thek hon.

Today is a beautiful day

A blind man was begging in New York with a board written “I’m blind,help me”.1 guy passing that side took his board and wrote something.

From that time the blind man got heavy collection. Can u guess what did he write?

He wrote “today is beautiful day but i can’t see it”that’s the power of expression.It can change many things.