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12 Signs your Partner Has Lost Interest in the Relationship

12 Commitment issues
11 They prefer company of their own friends
10 They stop paying attention to you
9 They started cheating on you
8 Sorry just becomes a word
7 They make you feel worthless
6 The support becomes less and less
5 Constantly disrespecting you
4 They become arrogant in conversation
3 The blame is out on you
2 Putting themselves in the limelight
1 Too busy to give time


i still have her memories

I hate her!!! By the sea I saw her stand all alone,

I saw my fade shadow next to her.

What was I whispering to her?

I wish I knew me better,

My memories are fading, as I am dying,

My memories are fading, but why is that sweet heart,

I still have her memories