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Privacy Statement

Every thing you want to know about your privacy

iSMS understands the importance of your privacy. At iSMS we are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. If and when iSMS collects personal identifying information, we maintain the confidentiality, security and integrity of that personal information obtained from our users. We do not share nor disclose personal information to any party beyond the iSMS network. For your own protection, please review the following terms and conditions before joining iSMS. We want you to enjoy iSMS to the fullest, but we also want you to stay informed. Through subscribing to iSMS, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions of Use
Your use of, the iSMS Mobile means that you agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.  We reserve the right to change, modify and or remove portions of these terms at any time. If you choose to continue your use of this site after we have posted changes to the terms, it means you have accepted those terms. iSMS will not share your email address with anyone else without your permission.

What kind of information does iSMS request and why is it necessary?
All identifying information iSMS requests from the user is strictly kept confidential within the iSMS network in encrypted format (no human eye can read the encrypted items). Personally identifying information iSMS asks for includes: your name, mobile phone and e-mail address. When you register as a member of iSMS, we ask for your honest responses to this information so that we can serve you more efficiently and effectively. iSMS will not sell, rent nor disclose any of this personal information without your prior notification or consent.

Does iSMS protect my privacy?
Your iSMS account is password-protected, meaning only you have access to your account-related information. If you refrain from sharing your password with others, you can help us to continue this security and confidentiality. Remember to log out of your iSMS account when you are finished. By doing so, you protect your information from being re-opened by another person if you are using a shared or public computer. Please note that neither iSMS nor any other Internet service can promise complete privacy. The Internet is not yet 100% secure, therefore it is recommended that you take care with the information you choose to provide on any online service.

My Outgoing and incoming Messages data is secure?
Any information/content that is sent or received to/from iSMS for sms text messaging and/or storage purposes will remain the property of the User. iSMS will at no time collect or redistribute this information, except where legally required by law, FIA or other agencies to do so. This has particular reference to any messages database, numbers and/or recipient details that you may deliver to us, or store on our databases.

iSMS is not responsible, nor liable, for your actions while using our site. As the user, you are required to accept total responsibility for your behavior and conduct while using iSMS. If you do not agree to follow iSMS’s Terms and Conditions, please refrain from entering our site. Common courtesy and mutual respect are necessary when communicating with other members of iSMS. Because iSMS hopes to promote a safe and fun atmosphere for our users, please read over the following list of what actions you agree to refrain from while using iSMS and its properties:

* Sending, sharing, promoting, or advertising harmful or illegal material.

* Encouraging or manipulating the dispersal of content in the form of: a threat, harassment, ethnic slander, sexual misconduct, or inappropriate and unwanted behavior towards another member.

* Acting in a manner that is potentially abusive or insensitive to other iSMS members. This includes: harassing, threatening, embarrassing, or intentionally harming another user.

* Attempting to gain account information, private profiles or a password from another iSMS member. Obtaining email addresses, cell phone numbers or any other private member information without prior consent is strictly forbidden.

* Assuming the identity of any individual other than yourself. You may not impersonate another member, or a iSMS staff member.

* Posting or exchanging defamatory, abusive, slanderous, harmful, promotional or unsolicited material. iSMS holds the right to eliminate and remove any content that may violate these terms.

* Stalking of other members and iSMS staff is a serious act and in some instances it is a crime. This includes repetitive calling, e-mailing, or initiating non-consensual contact of any kind. iSMS reserves the right to inform authorities of these violations if we feel it necessary.

* Copying or replicating the intellectual work of any iSMS member, or any works you may find on this site. We respect, and wish to protect the rights and property of our users; we expect you to do the same.

Credit Card Security
We take credit card fraud seriously in order to insure our customers the best possible protection of their credit card information. We log and track all IP addresses and use them to trace any fraudulent transactions. We report any fraud attempts to the related local/international organization.

We do not retain credit card details in our system or database. All credit card details are processed by our financial institutions (paypal, worldpay, google or money bookers) in a secure environment.

To discourage fraud, we do not list all the ways we check credit cards for authenticity here. In some instances, we go out of our way to make sure that the person placing the order is indeed the person authorized to use the credit card account.

Anti Spam Policy

Any registered User of iSMS can send sms text messages to his/her friends, family, colleagues, clients, contacts etc using the iSMS Interface. These interface conditions of use strictly forbid spamming to cell phone Users. We have several software filters to block spam messages. However, we cannot guarantee that spamming will not ever occur. Please let us know, (click on the contact link above for details) the details of the message like content of message, time of delivery, sender name or number etc so that we can immediately check and block the user responsible for the same.

Limits on our Abilities

Although your privacy is our top priority, due to the existing statutory, legal and technical environment, we are unable to ensure that personally identifiable information of our Users will not be disclosed to third parties in ways that are not described in this policy. Additionally, we may (and here you give us authorization to) disclose any private information about you to private entities, law enforcement or other government officials, which we may believe to be necessary at our sole discretion or appropriate to address or to resolve inquiries or problems. We undertake that this will not be done for commercial purposes or for our personal gain.

If you have any further questions about our privacy and anti-spam policy or about its implementation, please contact us

You hereby acknowledge that the acceptance of this privacy policy is a condition to your use of our products and services and that you agree to be bound by all of our Terms and Conditions.

Copyright Rules
Everything contained within this site is owned by iSMS or used with permission. If you wish to retransmit, use or copy any information for this site, you must have our explicit written permission. Ownership or permission must be gained if you wish to change or advertise anything from iSMS. Violators of this policy will be dealt with in a serious and legal manner.