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    Throughout the exercise, you will not only refresh your rudimentary skiing skills, but you’ll also get professional-level skiing knowledge & competence. We recommend a ski trainer skilled in ski equipment to get the best out of the machine.

    Wrist Cuff

    During training, the h& holder gives a solid grip. The palm holder is available in two versions based on the ski training machine: BASIC & STANDARD. The ST controls a computer with the simple h& holder records data regarding your exercise to visit your progress better. You might add a bottle holder for the h& holding for further extended exercises.


    Ski poles might be attached to the ski training machine frame, which works as a support system. Looking after your equilibrium when they are exercising is much easier if you hold on to a frame. While beginners may hang on to the frame, more experienced skiers could work out without one.


    Foot pedals around the Skiing simulator Cart allow you to work out while standing. The foot pedals might be manually shifted closer or farther apart, based on the length of the user.

    Twisted Bandages

    The foot of a cart has several elastic bands that may be adjusted to match your body weight. Shifting or even removing them can be a piece of cake.

    Skiing throughout the year

    keep your muscles inside the best form possible

    strengthen & balance your own body’s musculoskeletal system

    Cardio activities including a moderate to a high level of intensity

    great for recovery after an accident

    whether you’re just starting, an expert, or even a youngster

    In my opinion, this is an effective teaching tool.

    Any user can get the most from this system.

    A Slovenian mountaineer

    It’s safe to say that Professional Ski Simulator is the greatest of the bunch & may be my go-to companion for a long time now.