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    An original sign of cement monolithic structures could be the fullness, as soon as the stress-displaying components of the structure take the inner part of the entire body from the composition. The primary fabric is established cement. All stages of manufacturing are carried out in the framework employing formwork. In the different types of this kind of definite products, it can be really worth featuring: direct marching components, cross-nation stairs, U-, L-formed and screw alternatives.

    When developing region residences, the usage of staircase constructions on the stringer frequently will become related. The location of these types of outer picture frames can be easily and successfully diverse. Well-liked are alternatives situated during the airline flight of steps or on the side. With a big merchandise thickness, each alternatives can be utilized. In contrast to a monolithic one particular, a staircase over a stringer is not going to use up a great deal of cost-free space, and, susceptible to great-high quality functionality, it is very convenient to use.

    In order to offer a visible outcome when overlapping the steps from the part, a bowstring is used. Its main parameters are influenced by the particular fastening from the techniques (at the corners, mortise or moving possibilities), the size of the phase, the types of materials applied (wooden, steel, strengthened concrete). We give choice to the second option of which, thus supplying special power to cement products and prolonging their operations.

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