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    Is there a preferred means of presenting a visiting card? What impression does one create inside your customer’s mind as you hand over your visiting card? Read on to discover the answers.

    Your objective in handing out your card:

    In case you are setting up a sales visit, your objective is a lot more than merely introducing yourself using your visiting card. Your objective is to accord enough value in your card, that the prospect finds it worthy enough to get filed in the rolodex. He should visit your name in the choice set, every time he considers using a service offered by you.

    You must adhere to a certain simple rules to accomplish this objective. Listed here are the 6 rules:

    1. Your visiting card is that you:

    Your visiting card represents you. This is simply not even though it bears your reputation, designation as well as your organization details but because it represents way over the information written around the card. Your prospect will treat you with similar respect which you treat your visiting card. Take the time to reflect the method that you handover your card now.

    2. Buy good quality visiting card holder:

    In case your card is crumpled, it reflects being a poor self identity. A crisp card removed from an experienced looking card holder leaves an excellent first impression. It tells your prospect that you just deserve to be given exactly the same respect. So, invest some cash to obtain who you are a good quality visiting card holder. Transform it into a habit to get out your card only from that position.

    3. Maintain it readily accessible:

    Seeking your visiting card reflects poorly on your own organizing skills. Allocate a specific place that you maintain visiting cards, and you need to manage to hop on in less than 2 seconds. The time you are with your prospect is valuable. Usually do not waste it in searching for your card.

    4. Present it using your name facing the customer:

    Your customer will be able to browse the material written on the visiting card. Will not pay for any area of your card together with your fingers. Support the card on its sides and offer together with your name facing the customer.

    5. Remain true while extending your card:

    This gesture tells that you accord value to your card. This too increases the potential for your card being read and later being filed with your prospect’s rolodex.

    6. Offer a ten seconds introduction with the service you provide:

    Few prospects actually read what is written on your card. So, it is usually recommended that you tell them regarding how you can include value on your prospect using your service. Read our blog regarding how to create a 2 minute pitch to introduce your service effectively. This pitch is useful to create a quick presentation with just your card as a visual aid.

    Follow these simple rules and see an obvious improvement in the way you are treated from your prospects. They’ll listen with a great deal more interest to the presentation which you make later.

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