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  • Massage is an overall term for gently rubbing, stroking or pressing your body. Massage can be performed using light to intense pressure. There are several other kinds of massage, such as these popular ones: Swedish massage, shiatsu reflexology, and chair massage. This article will provide the basics of how they affect your body.

    Swedish…[Read more]

  • Find out the most recent research findings on massage therapy for sports and its effects on an athlete’s mental preparedness for sports, improving performance and reducing injury risk and helping to heal injury-related injuries to athletes. This study will review the research on massage as well as its impact on painkillers the intake of alcohol…[Read more]

  • Hot stone massages are an ancient form of massage therapy that is a part of the history for many centuries. This massage is designed to ease tension and relax muscles and soft tissue injuries throughout the body. Warm, smooth and slightly hot stones are able to be placed in specific places on the body during a hotstone massage. The areas include…[Read more]

  • The practice of massage was once offered only exclusively in spas, or luxurious health clubs. Massage therapy is now accessible at a variety of locations, such as clinics, hospitals and even businesses. If you’ve never had the pleasure of massage before, find out what you can expect from the massage procedure and potential benefits. If done…[Read more]

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    Traditional Thai massage draws strong inspirations from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. It is different from Western-style massages that require you to lie on a table with a massage therapist and having a professional massage therapist massage your muscles and knead the pressure points. Thai massage is a deeper type of massage that involves the…[Read more]

  • If you are looking for a relaxing and soothing way to eliminate all that stress out of your shoulders, neck, and spine, a massage may be just the thing. This is sometimes achieved on a full-body, as well as on a low-body or foot-high scale. Massage therapy is proven to promote healing within the body. This is especially true of massage, which is…[Read more]

  • Indian Head Massage is a type of massage which originated in India. It has a number of variants involving Bikram, Raja and Surya. It involves gentle massage and acupressure procedures, manipulating the soft tissues around the head, shoulders, neck and face. The calming effect is not only bodily – it also works on a psychological level, relieving…[Read more]

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    A traditional Japanese massage has the following components: a soothing atmosphere, special purpose, and direction. Achieving this goal demands a wide selection of skills. During a Watsu massage, a therapist will focus on each part of the human body, with their hands to perform slow strokes and soft, fluid moves. To achieve a suitable balance and…[Read more]

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    In the event you have never ever experienced a massage before, you might not know much about what you are getting into. Basically, massage is the art of soothing and eliminating muscle tension from your system. When done correctly it stimulates your own human body also improves blood supply, improves comfort, also stimulates vascular drainage. It…[Read more]

  • Acupressure is a method used to treat a variety of ailments and diseases, both from a physiological and psychological perspective. These are the specific same power channels and meridians as people targeted by acupuncture. Furthermore, traditional Chinese medical doctrine describes these meridian channels as flowing continuously through the body…[Read more]

  • A prenatal massage is a good choice for those who want to enjoy the soothing benefits of a massage but do not need the extra pressure and stress of labor. Your prenatal massage therapist is specially qualified in how best to position and support your pregnant body during the massage. Prenatal massages can help address cramps in the neck and back,…[Read more]

  • Acupressure has been around for centuries. In Chinese medicine acupuncture utilizes the very same principles of Chinese acupuncture, and additionally, it literally translates as finger pressure it basically translates into meridian nail stimulation. Acupressure originated from India and is used for a variety of health conditions, both chronic and…[Read more]

  • Reflexology is a very effective means to better your wellness insurance and well being. In fact, reflexology is a alternative form of traditional medication with all the chief goal of bettering your health through the use of pressure to different points on your own toes. In actuality, it’s really a exact outdated alternative therapy, and it has…[Read more]

  • Craniosacral therapy is one of the most popular alternative therapies in the world today. A lot of people from all walks of life have experienced tremendous benefits by using this ancient technique. This article will discuss the fundamentals of Craniosacral Therapy, the origin of cranial sacs and how they may benefit your health.

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  • Medical massage is result-oriented curative massage, mainly the application of a specified therapeutic therapy targeted toward the specific issue that the patient presenting with a diagnosis brings into the medical massage specialist with a comprehensive description and are implemented after a careful analysis/examination by the patient health…[Read more]

  • Swedish massage is the United States’ hottest kind of healing massage. It includes the use of hands, elbows or forearms to the different superficial layers of muscles to enhance physical and emotional well-being. Passive or active movements of the facial muscles may also be part of this massage.

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  • Swedish massage treatment is most likely the most popular and thoroughly practiced type of healing massage worldwide, and for good reason. While there are other varieties of massage, this is the cream of this crop. However, what is it all about this kind of massage that may benefit you? Can it truly provide you with the advantage you’re searching…[Read more]

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