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    You’ve already heard about the benefits of meditative practice for your well-being. Meditation classes can be a means to expand your practice, or add value to your role as therapist, social worker or if you’re requested by those you’ve helped. No matter what reason it might be, you are looking to get started.

    Before we dive into the details of these courses It is essential to be ready for the learning process which will help you learn more about who you are. As you embark on the journey to be your most authentic self, and the mindfulness training certification you can be you want to be. Expect some things to appear to be easy for you. Be prepared for mindfulness coach certification to be difficult.

    The School of Positive Transformation Meditation Certification Program

    You can also direct the program by yourself. Access to videos, guided meditations and exercises is available. A graduate or student only social media page is also accessible. An instructor is also available by email.

    This flexibility, as well as the support provided to graduates and its prestigious accreditation make The School of Positive Transformation mindfulness training certification, a viable alternative that balances cost and value.

    Advanced Certification

    Incorporating these new teaching practices into an established foundation can assist your students to find the peace that goes beyond understanding. This is a completely self-paced course that is accessible on any device you have. There are two choices to pay: either you can pay for the entire amount, or in 4 monthly installments.

    Training for Meditation Teachers at Home

    This course is ideal for anyone who wants to be a Yoga Instructor, Meditation Instructor or just want to improve your skills and increase awareness all over the world. This method is utilized by the students who are learning to become Meditation Instructors. The new teachers then use this method to teach their students, which results in increasing the number of practitioners who can select the type of meditation that best suits their needs.

    Teaching opportunities in the community and all over the world

    This training will build an international community of teachers and students looking to make a difference in their lives and the world via meditation.

    Liberate Program Meditation Instructor Accreditation

    Liberate The only program not mentioned on this list, is required prior to signing up. You have to request that information from their website via an email. That said, they offer a really comprehensive guide to what to expect from the course. Expect to spend 15-20 hours each week actively engaging with the course materials.

    The majority of time will be spent on your own, looking over the information on the course or using it in practice as well as some of it will be in live training sessions. You should try to be as involved in as many as you can.

    The Path’s Meditation Teacher Training Program

    The course is also known for its positive, supportive and encouraging atmosphere as well as a the strong sense of community among students. Many students stay in touch with each other and make lasting friendships. It is also known as a welcoming place for people from diverse backgrounds and accepts all race, gender identification, geography and many more.