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    Sago, Sentani’s staple food since prehistory is threatened with extinction

    Sago is a staple food for the people of Sentani, Papua. Sago has been consumed since prehistoric times but its availability is slowly running low.
    Archaeological evidence shows that the use of sago as a food ingredient has existed since prehistoric times. Research at archaeological sites in the Lake Sentani area found pottery artifacts and sago stone tools. This pottery serves to cook papeda or sago porridge.

    Unfortunately, nowadays many sago palms have disappeared because the land is being used for development. The rapid development of infrastructure in Jayapura Regency has caused many sago trees around Lake Sentani to be cut down. Many sago trees are cut down for the construction of alternative roads and PON XX venues and housing.

    Sago trees are also quickly extinct because the Sentani people have used modern sago processing machines which are considered efficient, so the process of making sago starch can be done in a relatively short time. This is not comparable to the slow growth of sago palms.

    With this machine can process more stalks of sago to be milled. However, this rapid production is not accompanied by replanting of sago tree seedlings. Sago in the Lake Sentani area has existed since the time of the ancestors, grows naturally and is not planted.

    Preserving the sago forest means maintaining food security. If the sago tree no longer exists in Sentani, the Sentani people if they want to make papeda must import sago from Papua New Guinea. Worse yet, sago culinary cara untung main togel will be replaced by rice.

    To preserve the existence of sago forests and cultural traditions related to sago, it is necessary to campaign on the preservation of sago forests and replanting of sago trees in the Lake Sentani area. In addition, various festivals related to sago must be continued according to the event calendar and need to be supported by all parties, be it the Kwadeware Sago Festival, the Yoboi Sago Caterpillar Festival and the Papeda Eating Festival in Abar Pottery.