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    If you are like millions of people around the world, finding a place where to donate clothes is something you often struggle with. There is such agency of places, with so many different charities that you can choose from, how in the world are you supposed to know where to go? There is a simple solution to this, and it’s one that doesn’t cost the earth. By selling unwanted or unused clothing, you can make a massive difference to the lives of the less fortunate by donating your unwanted clothing to charities.

    There are hundreds of different charities you can donate clothes to. Some are focused on battling poverty and hunger, others on fighting crime and disease. Some are focused on battling child poverty and child abuse. All of these charities have specific types of clothes they will accept, and all of them have specific ways in which you can help. The key is to make sure that when you donate the clothes to these charities that you ensure that your donation is collected and sent to the particular charity of your choice.

    For instance, one of the best places to donate clothes is Project Relief. This is an international charity that focuses on providing clean and affordable clothes to the very poor. When you donate clothes, your clothes are collected, sorted and shipped directly to the people who need them. Project Relief also accepts donations of gently used clothing items, including second hand shoes and other non-seasonal clothing items. However, there is a requirement that you ensure that any clothing items you donate to them are washed and dry cleaned before you take them to the landfill. In addition to cleaning and drying clothes, Project Relief will also check for signs of insect damage or mildew.

    Another good place to donate clothes is Your Good Life. This is a not for profit organisation that focuses on providing affordable clothing and business attire for low income workers, and members only allow those with jobs to donate clothing to their members. This means that any donations of business attire must be washed, and any worn out items should be returned. All donation forms must be filled out and receipts provided.

    Goodwill Industries also operates several programs that provide gently used clothes and other items in good condition to anyone in need. Goodwill Industries has two programs: The Reach Out program and the Reach In program. The Reach Out program gives gently used clothes and other merchandise to individuals in need, and the Reach In program provides clothing and other merchandise to businesses and organisations in need. Goodwill Industries also accepts household items such as furniture, televisions and beds in good condition.

    One more great place to find good will always be the US Army Corp of Engineers. They have several programs to choose from such as the Mobile Enterprise Assistance Program (MEAP), which is designed to provide access to trained and certified personnel to provide job training. The Mobile Enterprise Assistance Program offers job training and certification to unemployed or military veterans. To qualify for the program, you will need to have a valid driver’s license. Another great thing about this program is that it also distributes cleaning and yard cleaning materials to people who are in need. agency about the US Army Corp of Engineers is that they accept used clothes, so if you do donate clothes that you no longer wear you can give them to them.

    American Red Cross also has their own programs where to donate clothes or office cleaning and yard cleaning supplies to the public. Any Red Cross member that drives within the state of Georgia can participate in their program. All that the individual needs to do is to call the Red Cross and ask what kind of clothing items that they are accepting for donation. Once a person registers to donate clothes they will need to call the Red Cross office to see what kind of drop-off procedures they have in place.

    Other great locations where to donate clothes are the United Way and Catholic Relief Services. The United Way is another wonderful place to volunteer because they accept most any kind of clothing or item that is being used by anyone in need. Any person that is willing to work can usually donate clothes to this great non-profit charity. They also do some house warming events and host fundraisers to help individuals and families that need it most. So no matter what type of charity you would like to donate your used clothes to, you can find a great one by looking online and researching each place.