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    Everyone knows that this interview process could be stressful specially when, as now, tasks are scarce along with the competitors are intense.

    Nevertheless this indicates many people wither don’t get the way they run into or are really not terribly keen on having the job to start with. For a little light relief here are a few with the more bizarre instances of what individuals have said.

    A candidate who was asked whatever they were currently earning replied which it was none from the interviewer’s business while another who was simply complimented on his or her selection of college replied that they are glad the data had attracted their attention. But they hadn’t actually gone there.

    Then there was the candidate who called their parents on the mobile phone throughout the interview to inform them how well it turned out going along with the woman who said she was enthusiastic about being hired for the position but only if her boyfriend approved, then said he was waiting outside and motivated to bring him set for a chat!

    Interviewers report example of a number of strange behaviour from candidates, like the one that had brought a selection of shoes and asked that has been more appropriate for the outfit they were wearing.

    additional hints forgetting the name of the interviewer, complaining regarding current boss. Apparently telling jokes and performing magic tricks using a pack of cards have all happened.

    One candidate after failing a job interview even followed their interviewer on the stop then spent the rest with the train journey pleading receive the job.

    On a more serious note many potential employers report that people regularly arrive for interview in inappropriate dress, having didn’t find out anything about the company and plainly having exaggerated – or even lied – on his or her CVs.

    Although it is obvious that candidates that are seriously interested in obtaining a job must be as thoroughly prepared as possible employers and interviewers too should prepare properly.

    Bullet points from the key skills they desire and those additional skills that may be desirable are of help and preparing some questions to find out if the candidate has those skills are plainly important.

    It might be useful for employers and not only candidates to make use of the services of a recruitment agency. The information the business ask for from a manager client may help the employer be clearer regarding organisation and concerning the ideal candidate for the position they would like to fill.

    Particularly at executive PA and management level it’ll be important to look for a one who blends within colleagues’ personalities and strategies to working.

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