• Olsson Edwards posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    I recently joined the Advanced Medicine Exchange ( after I heard the most censored Dr. In the World talk about it. His name is Dr. Buttar and I was was fascinated to learn how the Blockchain will help to fight disease through a Blockchain Ecosystem.

    A Blockchain Ecosystem is the foundation of a sharing economy that is not controlled or overseen by any country or government. The emerging sharing economy will use these technologies to facilitate exchanging goods or services between two or more parties within an ecosystem.

    This ecosystem is designed so that all can share value from an under-utilized skill or asset.

    Wikipedia Mistaken requires participants to think about business challenges in a new way. Bringing a traditional focus on maximizing profits within the company’s boundaries may be the very thing that keeps companies from engaging and succeeding with participation in an ecosystem.

    I learned that here is a new kind of marketplace is emerging. A Blockchain Exchange allows participants to deliver products or services that they would otherwise not have the technological capabilities to provide on their own, nor the end customer.

    A Blockchain Exchange is able to leverage the sharing of customers from one Exchange into another – bypassing ad words, search engine optimization, and voodo algorithms to drive traffic.

    Members of a Blockchain exchange have a new mindset that allows its members to move beyond what’s traditionally possible for them within the confines of their own internally integrated operations.

    A Blockchain Exchange operating within a Blockchain Ecosystem redefines crowdsourcing beyond the existing dynamic limitations of a traditional supply-chain network.

    Its pretty amazing and I am still learning.