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    Publish your registration software to select the correct service and obtain advice from Netca.

    Produce a application installment invoice web template

    Businesses are starting to generate e-invoice notifications, selection files, and web templates for statements or e-personal providers.

    Deploy and employ – get results

    Netca in the future obtained a full finalizing ask for. In some times, organizations can technically make use of the service.

    Great things about Netca e-invoice

    Save your time

    The most significant great things about electrical invoicing is improved productivity.

    You will find not quite as a lot of procedures for creating electronic invoices in Netca as conventional invoicing, businesses can readily create and utilize invoices in the actual supplier’s system.

    E-invoice at Netca is undoubtedly an e-invoice management option for enterprises. Supporting companies save time by making use of digital signatures as opposed to primary signatures on receipts.

    Financial savings

    Digital receipts at Netca bring about cost benefits for organizations, buyers … changing cumbersome and costly document invoices.

    E-invoice at Netca is surely an e-invoice administration solution for companies. Supporting businesses save your time by using digital signatures as an alternative to straight signatures on statements.

    Netca’s e-invoicing and electronic digital personal solution may help organizations conserve hundreds of millions of VND each year by reduction of the price of storing, generating, hauling statements, plus more.

    Consumer protection

    Several common problems like: Loss of statements throughout shipping and delivery, loss of recollection in the course of digesting or not authorized accessibility will no longer be a challenge for any Netca program by using a info retention time of more than ten years.

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