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I was a fool

After a quarrel, a wife said to her husband, “you
Know, i was a fool when i married you.”

The husband replied, “yes, dear, but i was in love
And didn’t notice.”

Perfect Example Of Confidence

A trainee in a big multinational companay, dialed C.E.O. by mistake and said: “hey send a hot cofee in accounts deptt, in 2 mins”.

C.E.O. shouted: “Do U know with whom U arE talking ?”

Trainee : “No.”

C.E.O: “I am C.E.O. of the company”.

Trainee in the same tune: “Do U know with whom U arE talking ?”

C.E.O : “No.”

Trainee said: “Thanx God”
& disconnected the phone!


The new scooty

Manager: When do u buy this scooty.

Staff: Yesterday when I was standing in the bus station at night a girl came in scooty, stopped in front of me and said sit and took me in the dark place where she took of her clothes and said take whatever u want. I took the scooty what can I do with her clothes.