Dua SMS Messages Collection


Dua SMS / Hindi & Urdu Dua SMS messages collection

Dua sms messages collection contains dua messages in all languages like Hindi Dua SMS, Urdu Dua SMS, and lastly English Dua sms.Sometimes,we send dua sms to our loved ones on their birthday, and sometimes to wish them success in exams, or to grant good health and wealth.Hope you will like our dua sms in urdu / hindi & english.


A dua for You:

A dua for You:
Oh God, I don’t know of all the challenges this person has,
but You know everything..!
I hear his silence, You hear his plead,
I see him in faith, You know his doubts,
I ask that you give him everything he needs &

bless him abundantly for all the times to come..

For Girls

May Allah Give you

Mind of Hazrat Hawwa

Purity of Hazrat Maryam

Faith of Hazrat Asiya

Love of Hazrat Kadijah

Knowledge of Hazrat Aisha

Imaan of Hazrat Fatima


Grant you the favour to be with them in Jannat


Pass this beautifull dua to all girls who

mean alot to you.