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When A Girl on facebook

When A Girl
Accepts Your Friend Request It Means She
Accepted Your “Friendship” Not Your
When A Girl Sends You A Friend Request It
Means She Wants To Be Your Friend Not Your
When She Tag You It Means She Wants To
Share Her Thoughts With You And Not That
She’s Lost In Your Thoughts,
When She Comments On Your Status It Means
She’s Just Being Social And Not Flirting,
When She Like Your Comment It Means She
Like Your Comment Not You

i dont have to win

I dont have to win…. To be called a winner….

I dont have to lose…. To be called a looser….

I gave my attention…. I gave my support….

All of this is for a reason…. For my love and respect….

I’ll have to fight for a reason… Reason for my love to shine….