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boy and a girl lovd

boy and a girl lovd
each other but their parents refused for their marriage.

They decided to go for court marriage.

When the girl had to

she saw a poster hanging on the wall which forced her to change her decision.


The poster had a picture of a baby
girl and the caption written under it was,


this small caption had a big meaning.

So never ditch ur parents b’coz if u can’t be faithful to ur parents who loved u, cared for u, brought
u up for so many yrs,

how can u be faithful to the man who has
just been with u for a few months or yrs…

Qissa Abhi Hijaab Se Aagay Nahin Barha

Qissa Abhi Hijaab Se Aagay Nahin Barha
Main ‘Aap’, Woh ‘Janab’ Se Aagay Nahin Barha
Muddat Hui Kitaab-E-Mohabbat Shuroo Kiay
Lekin Main Pehlay Baab Se Aagay Nahin Barha
Lambee MusaafataiN Hain, Magar Iss Sawaar Ka
PaaoN Abhi Raqaab Se Aagay Nahin Barha
LogoN Ne Sang-O-Khisht Kay Qal’ay Bana Liay
Apna Mehel To Khawab Say Aagay Nahin Barha
Tool-E-Kalaam Kay Liay Main Ne Kiay Sawaal
Woh Mukhtasar Jawab Se Aagay Nahin Barha

Zaberdast offer!!

Zaberdast offer!!

Aik nya zbrdst naya free pakage!

1 neki pr 70 nekian free

1 hrf per 700 nakiyan bilkul free

1 namaz per 70 namazon ka free swab

yaad rakhain ye package 1st ramadan say 30 ramadan tak valid hoga

is offer se zyada se zyada faida hasil karain

or mujhay duaon main yaad rakhain