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Somewhere in India…

Somewhere in india.
Father:Beta tumhara paper kaisa hua?’

Son:’Pita g!

wasay to bohat acha hua hai, lekin aik sawal bohat mushkil tha aur mjh say nai hua!

Father:konsa beta?

Son:kis nay kaha tha…


k gandhi g hamaray bapuu hain?

India may pepsi pay 5 rupay kam krnay ka koi shughal nai!

Night Ghazal…

*Night Ghazal*

Koi ata hai yad bahut sone se pehly

Jo cheen leta hai Aansoo mery rony se pehly

Ab neend B aaye to men sona nahi chahta

Kisi Qeemat pe B Men us ko khona nahi chahta

Ho jaye wo kaash mera mujhy khony se pehly

Jo aata hai yad bahut sone se pehly


HaPpY ExaMz…

Newton’s Law of Studentology! .
“Every Book continues to be in
it’s State of Rest or covered with Dust,
until n unless a mid-term or
final exam Appears.”
HaPpY ExaMz

A LifÉ Means…

LifÉ Means…

Å winter Évening,
Four Friends,
Mild rain,
Four cups of tea…!

LifÉ Means…

Hundred bucks of petrol,
Two rusty old bikes,
Ånd an open road…

LifÉ Means…

Maggi noodles,
Å hostel room,
3.25 a.m…

LifÉ Means…

One prep leave,
One night,
One book,
8 duffers…!

LifÉ Means…

3 Old friends,
3 Separate cities,
3 Coffee mugs
and 1 internet messenger…

all the way
LifÉ Means…

Just F.r.i.e.n.d.s..!!