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Great Thoughts……!

Great Thoughts!
The most destructive habit
…” W0RRY ”
The greatest joy
The most satisfying work
The greatest loss
The ugliest personality trait!
The worst thing to be without!
…” HOPE ”
The world’s most incredible computer!
…” BRAIN ”
The deadliest weapon!
The powerful word!
…” I CAN ”
The greatest asset!
…” FAITH ”
The most beautiful affair!
…” SMILE ”
The most powerful channel of communication
… ” PRAYER “…

A Happy Husband…

A Happy Husband Comes Home from Friday Prayers..

He Greets His Wife & Lifts Her Up, He then Carries Her Around the House With a Smile..
The Surprised Wife asks,
Did the Moulvi Saab Preach about being Romantic Today?

Husband says, ‘No He said We Must Always Carry Our Burdens &Sorrows With a Big Smile-P

Muhabbat soch k karna…

Kabi kuch soch k likhna kabi kuch soch k parhna,,

Ye na’mumkin si koshish hai muhabbat soch k karna…..!!

Kisi ka dil’ruba chehra or us pe dil’nsheen aankhen,,

K jisko dekh k jeena usi k naam pe marna..!

Ye na’mumkin si koshish hai muhabbat soch k karna……!!

Khayalon me bna lena kisi ka aks dheerey sy,,

Chura k rung sapnoon k kisi ki aankh me bharna..!

Ye na’mumkin si koshish hai muhabbat soch k karna..

Ajab khawab ki Tabeer usne mangi Hai…

Mere wajood ki jageer usne mangi hai

Ajab khawab ki Tabeer usne mangi Hai

Uski qaid mein rehti Hoon main pehle bhi

Najane phir kyon zanjeer usne mangi Hai

Guman Hota Hai wo bhool sakta Hai mujhe

Kyun k aaj meri Tasveer usne mangi Hai

Mere Khuda mujhe uske nasib me likh de

K mujhse meri Taqdeer usne mangi hai

Face to Face…

Ap sy

buht buht

chöri chöri

dil sy

Ek bär

FäÇè tö fäÇè

Ghär aa k

Hum tum sy kèhñä Çhähty hy

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