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To be honest….

A man saw 3 parrots for sale.
He was shocked by abnormally high prices.
The owner says, “the first parrot can run ms office. Price 10 thousand.”
“Other parrot for 15 thousnd, A programmer.”
The last parrot carried a tag of Rs.50 thousand.
What does he do?
Owner replies: to be honest he does nothing but the two parrots call him BOSS! ;)

Ghalib v’s Iqbal v’s FARAZ…

Ghalib v’s Iqbal v’s FARAZ”

Ghalib sharab peene De masjid mein beth kr.

Ya wo jagah bata jahan Khuda nahi.

Masjid Khuda ka ghar hy peene ki jagah nahi.

Kafir k dil mein ja wahan Khuda nahi.

Kafir k Dil Se aya hon ye Dekh kr Faraz.
Khuda mojood hy wahan,
usay pata nahi.

Best combination of two great poets…

Best combination of two great poets!

Faraz Says:

Usay Hum Yad Aatay Hain Mager Fursat K Lamhon Mein

Mager Ye Baat Bhi Such Hey Usay Fursat Nahi Milti.

Perven Shakir Says:

Hum Tasleem Kartey Hain Humain Fursat Nahi Milti.

Magar Ye Bhi Zara Socho Tumhain Jab Yaad Kartey Hain
Zamana Bhool Jatey Hain.